Signs of a raccoon in the house

For many homeowners, it will be the worst thing to have some rodents or animals in the house. People do not want to see them because most of the animals contain various diseases; raccoon is one of them. There are also chances you may find the raccoon into your home at first glance; you may find them cute and may ignore their presence into the home. Do you know they can cause serious damage to your property?

How do you know the raccoon is in your house?

Most people even do not know that raccoons are living in their houses. This mostly happens when raccoons are living in the attic, which is mostly used to place unwanted stuff. They usually search for shelter in the cold weather and spend that cold month, usually sleeping. This is the reason homeowner does not know that they are living as they came outside at night time in search of food. People who feel they have raccoons in their home check out the following signs:

1- Ongoing smell of their dropping and urine

When the raccoon decides to live in your home, then they usually do not come out of their den, especially in the winter. It means they are going to do their pooping near to their den, and in a few days, you will start smelling a bad odor that most probably will be coming out from the attic.

2- Damage in the house

Sometimes you can spot their presence before they get into your house and make their shelter on the attic. They have the habit of damaging the property, so they may be trying to make their path into the house by breaking the small hole according to their body. At that time, you can take action and prevent them from getting into your house, but if they are in soon, they are going to destroy your garden. Yes, they are helpful in eating insects and plants that are unwanted, but they will eat the other plants too and will dig out to get insects. In short, they can ruin the structure of your house.

3- Scratches and scary sounds at the night time

As we mentioned before, they are more active at night, so there are chances you may hear weird noises at night time. The other sign is they may scratch the wall to get access to the attic.

4- Pet acting oddly

Sometimes our pets know about this creature before we know about them. If your dog is barking and watching a specific place, then there must be something that is not part of your home. Check out that place; if you feel smell, scratches, and dropping at that place, it confirms the presence of any animal.

5- Trim you tree

When you have trees in your home, and their branches are touching the attic, it can be an ideal way for the raccoons to climber the tree and to get an entry on the attic. Yes, they are an excellent climber.

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